Welcome to Scale Solutions.

     My name is Wayne William Pugh and I set up Scale Solutions
to provide an outlet for my creative abilities. I never know what to
tell people when they ask what I do for a living, am I a Model Maker
or an Artist, its hard to say. I create models for international
companies from blue prints they supply me with, but I also create
designs from my own imagination that have hung in galleries. The only
thing I do know for sure, itís not just a job for me, what I do itís
a way of life. I have always had the need to work with my hands and
create beautiful objects from basic materials and Scale Solutions
gives me the opportunity to do that every day.
     When you deal with Scale Solutions you are dealing straight
with me. Dealing straight with me means that you get the control
over the final product that you want. No matter what type of model
or Fine Art you want made.